Welcome to the Phenol-Explorer advanced search tool. Using this tool you can extract information on the polyphenol content for specific foods and polyphenols. You can choose to search individual polyphenols or polyphenol groups. Once you have selected your polyphenols and foods of interest by clicking on the add button on the far right of the screen, you can explore the results by clicking on the 'search' button on the left panel. Results can be displayed using the various table views (four icon options on the right panel). Data can be sorted or recalculated in different ways using the 'Advanced display option'.

Once you are satisfied with your custom search, you can export the results to Excel (or any spreadsheet program capable of opening Microsoft Excel files).

On the left, you will see the Advanced Search Cart. Think of this like a shopping cart where you can store the foods and polyphenols you are interested in.

To get you started, try adding some foods to the advanced search cart.