Calculated Mean Content Values

Units Average Min Max Standard Deviation
mg/100 g FW 0.50 0.50 0.50 0.00
mol/100 g 9.64e-07 9.64e-07 9.64e-07 0.00

Values calculated by aggregating data from 1 sample from 1 unique publication.

Aglycone Mean Content Values

Aglycone Units Average Min Max Standard Deviation
Genistein mg/100 g FW 0.26 0.26 0.26 0.00
mol/100 g 5.03e-07 5.03e-07 5.03e-07 0.00

Original Content Values Used to Produce Means

Wang H.J., Murphy P.A. (1994) Isoflavone Content in Commercial Soybean Foods. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 42:1666-73 PubMed (24498818)
Original Content Value Original Food Description Commercial Origin # of Samples Analyzed
0.50 mg/100 g FW Soy bacon yes 1