Calculated Mean Content Values

Units Average Min Max Standard Deviation
mg/100 g FW 4512.00 4512.00 4512.00 0.00
mol/100 g 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00

Values calculated by aggregating data from 1 sample from 1 unique publication.

Aglycone Mean Content Values

Aglycone Units Average Min Max Standard Deviation

Original Content Values Used to Produce Means

Madsen H.L., Nielsen B.R., Bertelsen G., Skibsted L.H. (1996) Screening of antioxidative activity of spices. A comparison between assays based on ESR spin trapping and electrochemical measurement of oxygen consumption. Food Chemistry 57:331-337
Original Content Value Original Food Description Commercial Origin # of Samples Analyzed
4512.00 mg/100 g FW Spices - Dried leaves - Summer savory - Satureja hortensis no 1