Li C., Lee M.J., Sheng S., Meng X., Prabhu S., Winnik B., Huang B., Chung J.Y., Yan S., Ho C.T., Yang C.S. (2000) Structural identification of two metabolites of catechins and their kinetics in human urine and blood after tea ingestion. Chem Res Toxicol 13:177-84 PubMed (10725114)

Plasma and Urine analysed after enzymatic deconjugation

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Cumulative Excretion in Urine (µmol)
Number Dose Multiple Dose Duration Time (days) Polyphenol Source
Name as described in publication
0 4.5 7.5 13.5 26 37
1 1.2 g Single Dose 0 70 270 750 810 860
green tea powder in hot water