Gonthier M.P., Cheynier V., Donovan J.L., Manach C., Morand C., Mila I., Lapierre C., Remesy C., Scalbert A. (2003) Microbial aromatic acid metabolites formed in the gut account for a major fraction of the polyphenols excreted in urine of rats fed red wine polyphenols. J Nutr 133:461-7

Plasma and Urine analysed after enzymatic deconjugation

Cumulative Excretion in Urine (mg)
Number Dose Multiple Dose Duration Time (days) Polyphenol Source
Name as described in publication
0 1 2 3 6 8
1 0.12 g/100 g bw Single Dose 0 4.8 9.7 14.2 23.2 31.2