Bergström, L. (1994) NLG Overview Report. Nutrient Losses and Gains in the preparation of foods. NLG Project 1983-1993 :1-223


Published Yield Factors

This publication was used to obtain 46 published yield factors.

Description Yield Factor
Aubergine boiled, NL LCW 0.93
Aubergine grilled, IT INN 0.4
Bean, sprouts, boiled 0.8
Beanburger, soya, fried in vegetable oil 0.91
Beans, brown, dried, soaked, SE SLV 1.86
Beans, dried, boiled, IT INN 2.42
Beans, green, frozen, steamed 0.88
Broad beans, boiled, NL LCW 0.94
Broccoli cooked NL WMI 0.94
Brussels sprouts, boiled, DE AB 1.03
Cabbage curry fried, simmered, GB RSC, MAFF 0.75
Carrot, fried 0.75
Cauliflower, steamed,FR / TK om.S, edible part 0.95
Chickpea, dried, boiled, PT, SVB2 2.09
Chickpea, dried, soaked, boiled, GB, RSC, MAFF 2.63
Corn fritters, deep fried in vegetable oil 0.9
Corn pudding, baked in water-bath 0.89
Kale, boiled, VMI, NL 0.8
Lentils, whole, dried boiled, IT INN 2.47
Lentils, whole, dried, soaked, boiled, GB, RSC, MAFF 2.39
Mandarin oranges, canned in syrup, GB RSC, MAFF 0.56
Onion, boiled, LCW, NL 0.87
Onions, sliced, fried, KoV,SE 0.62
Peas, boiled, DE, AB 0.89
Peas, frozen, steamed 0.87
Peas, whole, dried, soaked, boiled, GB RSC, MAFF 2.7
Peas, whole, yellow, dried, soaked, SE SLV 1.8
Pepper, capsicum, boiled, LCW,NL 0.87
Pepper, capsicum, green, fried in olive oil, GV, ES 0.49
Pepper, capsicum, grilled, INN,IT 0.93
Pigeon roasted, GB RSC, MAFF 0.64
Potato, peeled, fried, Coop, SLV, SE 0.88
Red cabbage, steamed, AB, DE 0.94
Rhubarb boiled, NL LCW 0.98
Rhubarb, baked at 177 °C 0.96
Soya Textured Vegetable Protein 'meat', boiled 2.75
Spinach, stir fried, SE,SLV 0.67
Swede boiled, NL LCW 0.92
Tomato sauce, boiled, GB RSC, MAFF 0.87
Tomato sauce, fried gently, simmered, GB RSC, MAFF 0.8
Tomato sauce, fried, simmered, GB RSC, MAFF 0.56
Tomato, boiled, LCW, NL 0.78
Tomato, cooked, NL, WMI 0.88
Turnip bhaji fried 0.75
Wheat and rye bread baked, SE SLV 0.9
Zucchini, cooked, NL, WMI 0.88