USDA_SR23 (2010) Composition of Foods Raw, Processed, Prepared. USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Release 23. U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service

Abbreviation: USDA_2010_SR23

Published Yield Factors

This publication was used to obtain 43 published yield factors.

Description Yield Factor
Apple [Dessert], whole, microwaved 0.93
Barley, raw, hulled, microwaved 0.93
Blackberry, raw, frozen 1.01
Blueberry [Unknown species], pure juice, high pressure processing 1.0
Blueberry [Unknown species], pure juice, pulsed electric fields 1.0
Broad bean seed, whole, raw, frozen 1.01
Buckwheat, grits, boiled 1.67
Buckwheat, whole grain flour 1.01
Carrot, juice, high-intensity pulsed electric fields 1.0
Carrot, juice, pasteurized 1.0
Carrot, microwaved 0.93
Cashew nut, raw, roasted 0.96
Cauliflower, microwaved 0.93
Chickpea, whole, microwaved 0.93
Common cabbage [Unknown colour], microwaved 0.93
Fig, dried, uncooked 0.5
Fresh pea, frozen 1.01
Grape, pure juice, pasteurized 1.0
Green bean, frozen 1.01
Green bean, microwaved 0.93
Nectarine, purée, packed in glass bottles, pasteurized 1.0
Onion [Red], frozen 1.01
Onion [Unknown color], microwaved 0.93
Onion powder 0.16
Orange, pure juice, high pressure 1.0
Orange, pure juice, pasteurized 1.0
Orange, pure juice, pulsed electric fields 1.0
Peanuts boiled (with skin) 1.35
Peanuts dry-roasted (DR) 0.95
Peas, microweved 0.93
Pomegranate, pure juice, pasteurized 1.0
Potato, not-peeled, cooked by microwave 0.93
Root and tuber vegetables, microwaved 0.93
Root and tuber vegetables, microwaved, FR / TK m.S, edible part 0.93
Squash, microwaved 0.93
Strawberry, pure juice, high-intensity pulsed electric fields 1.0
Strawberry, pure juice, pasteurized 1.0
Sweet pepper [Green], microwaved 0.93
Tomato, lyophilised 0.08
Tomato, microwaved 0.93
Tomato, paste, pasteurized 0.78
Tomato, purée, pasteurized 0.93
Tomato, red, ripe, CND, packed in tomato JUC 0.99