Rivero D., Perez-Magarino S., Gonzalez-Sanjose M.L., Valls-Belles V., Codoner P., Muniz P. (2005) Inhibition of induced DNA oxidative damage by beers: correlation with the content of polyphenols and melanoidins. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 53:3637-3642 PubMed (15853413)

Abbreviation: RIVERO 2005

Pubmed ID: 15853413

Food Composition

This publication was used to obtain 3 food polyphenol content values.

Original Content Value Original Food Description Commercial Origin Number of Samples Analyzed
48.90 mg/100 ml Beer, dark, lager, Spanish yes 1
38.00 mg/100 ml Beer, blond, lager, Spanish yes 1
23.00 mg/100 ml Beer, lager, alcohol free, Spanish yes 1