Lugasi A. (2003) Polyphenol contents and antioxidant properties of beer. Acta Alimentaria 32:181-192 PubMed (23222906)

Abbreviation: LUGASI 2003_02

Pubmed ID: 23222906

Food Composition

This publication was used to obtain 8 food polyphenol content values.

Original Content Value Original Food Description Commercial Origin Number of Samples Analyzed
39.00 mg/100 ml beer, lager, Chimay yes 1
27.00 mg/100 ml beer, lager, Tuborg yes 1
40.00 mg/100 ml beer, lager, Amstel yes 1
35.00 mg/100 ml beer, lager, Spaten yes 1
47.00 mg/100 ml beer, lager, Gold Fassl yes 1
44.00 mg/100 ml beer, dark, Leffe yes 1
38.00 mg/100 ml beer, dark, DAB yes 1
60.00 mg/100 ml beer, dark, Borsodi yes 1