Samaniego-Sanchez C., Troncoso-Gonzalez A.M., Garcia-Parrilla M.C., Quesada-Granados J.J., Lopez-Garcia de la Serrana H., Lopez-Martinez M.C. (2007) Different radical scavenging tests in virgin olive oil and their relation to the total phenol content. Analytica Chimica Acta 593:103-107 PubMed (17531830)

Abbreviation: SAMANIEGO-SANCHEZ 2007

Pubmed ID: 17531830

Food Composition

This publication was used to obtain 4 food polyphenol content values.

Original Content Value Original Food Description Commercial Origin Number of Samples Analyzed
108.59 mg/100 g FW Extra virgin olive oil 2003-2004 no 13
140.64 mg/100 g FW Extra virgin olive oil 2002-2003 no 13
118.95 mg/100 g FW Extra virgin olive oil 2001-2002 no 13
20.10 mg/100 g FW Mix of extra virgin olive oil and refined oil no 6