Yield factor value: 1.0 (Any food, stored at room temperature, UNSPECIFIED)

Retention factor (RF) = (Content After Processing / Content Before Processing) * Yield factor

Calculated Mean Retention Factor Value

mean RF value Min Max SD n
2.35 2.35 2.35 0.00 1

Original Retention Factor Values used to Produce Mean

Šavikin K., Zdunić G., Janković T., Tasić S., Menković N., Stević T., Đorđević B. (2009) Phenolic Content and Radical Scavenging Capacity of Berries and Related Jams from Certificated Area in Serbia. Plant Foods Human Nutrition 64:212-217 PubMed (19468835)

Retention Factor Food Before Processing Food After Processing Content Before Processing Content After Processing Units
2.35 Black currant jam - Cooked with sugar for 30 min Black currant jam, after 9 months of storage at room temperature 280.0 660.0 mg/100 g fresh weight