Urine Plasma  
Polyphenol metabolite Composition of the [polyphenol] source Doses
Total no. subjects Mean urinary excretion (%) Kinetic data Tmax (hours) Mean Cmax (µmol/L) Half life (hours) AUC (µmol/L·h) Kinetic data Reference
human studies
Quercetin Not applicable 154 mg Single dose 9 Trace amount SESINK 2001
rat studies
Isorhamnetin Not applicable 3.26 mg/kg bw Single dose 12 Detected (unquantified) GRAF 2005
Quercetin 3-O-glucuronide Not applicable 7.6 mg/kg bw Single dose 3 MULLEN 2002_01
3.26 mg/kg bw Single dose 12 Graph GRAF 2005