Yield factor value: 0.78 (Tomato, paste, pasteurized, USDA_2010_SR23)

Retention factor (RF) = (Content After Processing / Content Before Processing) * Yield factor

Calculated Mean Retention Factor Value

mean RF value Min Max SD n
57.05 34.01 102.49 26.74 4

Original Retention Factor Values used to Produce Mean

Vallverdú-Queralt A., Medina-Remón A., Casals-Ribes I., Andres-Lacueva C., Waterhouse A.L., Lamuela-Raventos R.M. (2012) Effect of tomato industrial processing on phenolic profile and hydrophilic antioxidant capacity. LWT - Food Science and Technology 47:154-160

Retention Factor Food Before Processing Food After Processing Content Before Processing Content After Processing Units
102.49 Fresh tomatoes Passata 10/12 Final tomatoes paste Passata 10/12 0.01 1.16 mg/100 g fresh weight
34.01 Fresh tomatoes Hot Break 28/30 Final tomatoes paste Hot Break 28/30 0.01 0.64 mg/100 g fresh weight
48.49 Fresh tomatoes Hot Break 22/24 Final tomatoes paste Hot Break 22/24 0.01 0.61 mg/100 g fresh weight
43.20 Fresh tomatoes Cold Break 28/30 Final tomatoes paste Cold Break 28/30 0.01 0.54 mg/100 g fresh weight