Yield factor value: 0.85 (Wild fruits, jam, FR / TK m.Z, edible part, BOGNAR 2002_EUROFIR)

Retention factor (RF) = (Content After Processing / Content Before Processing) * Yield factor

Calculated Mean Retention Factor Value

mean RF value Min Max SD n
0.61 0.61 0.61 0.00 1

Original Retention Factor Values used to Produce Mean

Amakura Y, Umino Y, Tsuji S, Tonogai Y (2000) Influence of jam processing on the radical scavenging activity and phenolic content in berries. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 48:6292-6297 PubMed (11312801)

Retention Factor Food Before Processing Food After Processing Content Before Processing Content After Processing Units
0.61 Bayberry - Fresh Bayberry - Jam 5.79 4.18 mg/100 g fresh weight