Yield factor value: 1.0 (Asparagus, boiled, steamed FR/oZ, edible part, BOGNAR 2002_EUROFIR)

Retention factor (RF) = (Content After Processing / Content Before Processing) * Yield factor

Calculated Mean Retention Factor Value

mean RF value Min Max SD n
1.31 1.31 1.31 0.00 1

Original Retention Factor Values used to Produce Mean

Papoulias E., Siomos A.S., Koukounaras A., Gerasopoulos D., Kazakis E. (2009) Effects of Genetic, Pre- and Post-Harvest Factors on Phenolic Content and Antioxidant Capacity of White Asparagus Spears. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 10:5370-5380 PubMed (20054475)

Retention Factor Food Before Processing Food After Processing Content Before Processing Content After Processing Units
1.31 White asparagus White Asparagus, Fresh spears, boiled for 10 min in 2 L of tap water 25.1 32.9 mg/100 g fresh weight