Urine Plasma  
Polyphenol metabolite Composition of the [polyphenol] source Doses
Total no. subjects Mean urinary excretion (%) Kinetic data Tmax (hours) Mean Cmax (µmol/L) Half life (hours) AUC (µmol/L·h) Kinetic data Reference
human studies
Ellagic acid Not applicable 1000 mg Single dose 16 2.58 0.02 1.79 0.11 SEERAM 2008
mouse studies
Ellagic acid Not applicable 0.8 mg Single dose 72 11.5 ng/mL after 0.5 hours SEERAM 2007
Urolithin A Not applicable 0.3 mg Single dose 72 Graph a9d716975d07e4a7e41abb50e7f45e82a5a61800f83ed43664b0781ff2caee59 SEERAM 2007