Seeram N.P., Aronson W.J., Zhang Y., Henning S.M., Moro A., Lee R.P., Sartippour M., Harris D.M., Rettig M., Suchard M.A., Pantuck A.J., Belldegrun A., Heber D. (2007) Pomegranate ellagitannin-derived metabolites inhibit prostate cancer growth and localize to the mouse prostate gland. J Agric Food Chem 55:7732-7 PubMed (17722872)

Abbreviation: SEERAM 2007

Pubmed ID: 17722872


This publication was used in 2 intervention studies.

Source Metabolite Biofluid Organism
Pomegranate, extract Ellagic acid plasma mouse Pharmacokinetics
Pomegranate, extract Urolithin A plasma mouse Pharmacokinetics