Colour Interval Value Publication Food Name Reference
[ 0.01, 0.09 ) 5.10e-03 mg/100 g FW Strawberry, raw Thompson L.U., et al (2006) Phytoestrogen content of foods consumed .... Nutrition and Cancer 54:184-201 PubMed (16898863)
6.57e-03 mg/100 g FW Strawberry, raw Kuhnle G.G.C., et al (2007) Extraction and quantification of phytoes.... Analytical Chemistry 79:9234-9239 PubMed (17975893)
7.00e-03 mg/100 g FW Strawberries Kuhnle G.G.C., et al (2009) Phytoestrogen content of fruits and vege.... Food Chemistry 116:542-54
0.04 mg/100 g FW Strawberries Smeds A.I., et al (2012) Content, composition, and stereochemical.... Food Chemistry 134:1991-1998 PubMed (23442648)
0.05 mg/100 g FW Strawberries, raw Penalvo J.L., et al (2008) Lignan content of selected foods from Ja.... Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 56:401-09 PubMed (18163563)
[ 0.42, 0.51 ) 0.50 mg/100 g FW Strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa Duch.) Milder I.E.J., et al (2005) Lignan contents of Dutch plant foods: a .... British Journal of Nutrition 93:393-402 PubMed (15877880)